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We range from the parish of Starston in the east near Harleston to the tiny redundant church of Frenze in the west near Diss. If you want to find out more about an individual church, click on the name of that church and you will go to its page.

To check services and events go to the links to the left of this page.


If you would like to arrange a baptism, wedding, or funeral, please contact the Benefice administrator, Lyn Banks at the Benefice Office in the Church Rooms, Dickleburgh (right next to the church) either in person, by phone 741994, or by email to thebeneficetogether@hotmail.co.uk, or ring her mobile 07811 133567.

If you want pastoral support she will be able to give you a contact number, or visit the Who’s who? page on this website.

The office phone number is 01379 741994 The Benefice Office is normally open Tuesday to Friday 10 - 12 am.

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Dear Readers,

In an upper room somewhere in Jerusalem a group of people are gathered wondering what on earth happens next. Their leader has disappeared into a cloud, and has promised to send them some great power. But what power? How will it come? What sort of power will it be?

Suddenly they hear the sound like a mighty wind, as if a hurricane were raging outside. The whole place shook, and it seemed as if fire came through the roof and rested on each of them. Were they afraid? Yes, probably. Were they burned to a crisp? Well, no. The fire didn’t burn them up, but it did fill them with courage. They rushed out into the street. There a crowd gathered around them, and asked, “What is it? What on earth is happening? Is this God coming to take revenge because his son was killed?”

And Peter answered them:

 “They killed Jesus because they were afraid of him. They thought he was going to take away their power, and cause a riot. They killed him, but he came back from the dead, spoke to us, comforted us, and now he’s gone to his Father in Heaven.

“They killed him, but he loved them anyway. They killed him, and we still kill him every time we hurt somebody, or hate somebody, or want to have power over somebody, every time we lash out because we are afraid.

“But it doesn’t have to be like that. God loves us; every minute of every day he loves us. We don’t have to earn that love, in fact we can’t earn that love. God already loves us. He’s there every second of our lives, comforting us when we are upset, giving us courage when we are frightened, giving us strength when we are hurting so badly we think we can’t bear it any more.

“Turn around, open your eyes, look and see.

“Whatever mess we’re in, heaven is just a heartbeat away.

“Whatever bad things we’ve done, they’re over.

“Hear the Good News. God loves us now, just as we are.

“Do you think heaven is only there after you die? Jesus is not a God of the dead, he’s here for us now. He’s for life in all its glory. He’s here for fun and laughter and joy. But most of all he’s here for love.

“Turn round, open your eyes and ears, to see and hear the sounds of love.”

When we truly love, it comes like a mighty wind and transforms our lives. When we truly love, it comes like fire and inspires us to give everything we have for the sake of love.

In these troubled times, may we know the awesome power of love, and use it to change our world today.

Yours in the service of Christ,